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Nova plans to update the Nova Poshta application in early spring

The Nova group of companies plans to update the Nova Poshta application in late winter/early spring, Nova co-owner Vladimir Popereshnyuk said during Business Breakfast from Forbes Ukraine on Thursday, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

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What is known

“We will change the mobile application. We plan to launch this winter, or in early spring, introducing new services,” he said.

According to him, customers will have the opportunity to better manage their parcel, in particular to see where it is.

“I want to create an absolute link between the client and his parcel, so that he can control it like a joystick,” Popereshnyuk added.

He noted that the “package on a card” service is not yet operational due to the security situation, but the company plans to develop it in Europe, and after winning, relaunch this service in Ukraine.

In addition, the co-owner of Nova also added that during 2024 the group will restart individual processes in the branches.

“Branches should be more service-oriented. Our employees should be more welcoming, customers should enjoy visiting the branches,” Popereshnyuk emphasized.

He noted that the group continues to build a network of co-working spaces with cafes inside Novaya Poshta branches.

In addition, Nova also plans to improve conditions for workers, in particular to add electronic assistants for operators, which will reduce the number of queues.

Popereshnyuk said that during 2024 the group also plans to restart courier delivery.

“We want to reboot this, we want to pick up and deliver parcels faster, improve the management of the courier and the parcel,” he described the innovation.

According to the co-owner of Nova, the company for the first 10 years delivered only to door to door, but now 90% of parcels are delivered to branches, 8% through address delivery.


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