• 26/05/2024 11:21

Nova Poshta opened its fourth branch in the Czech Republic

Liberec became the third Czech city where the company opened its own branch of Nova Post. This is stated in the company's message.

Nova Poshta

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< h3>Details

You can send and receive parcels weighing up to 30 kg to the branch.

The Nova Post branch operates in Liberec at the address Dr. M. Horákové 11/76 from Monday to Saturday.

Delivery time – from 5 working days.


What is the cost

Delivery cost from Ukraine to the Czech Republic:< /p>

    Documents up to 1 kg – 500 UAH Parcels up to 2 kg – 550 UAH Parcels up to 10 kg – 850 UAH Parcels up to 30 kg – 1800 UAH

In addition, Ukrainians can order delivery by Nova courier Post up to 200 kg from Ukraine to any address in Liberec.

Delivery by courier is paid additionally +100 UAH for shipments up to 30 kg or +250 UAH for every 100 kg.


Nova Poshta has already opened 89 branches in Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary and Moldova.

    Nova Poshta


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