• 13/06/2024 04:28

One of the largest banks in Georgia, TBC Bank, enters Ukraine

The Antimonopoly Committee granted permission to the Georgian TBC Bank Group to obtain control over the company Fondy Payments Ltd. This was reported by the AMCU press service.

One of the largest banks in Georgia, TBC Bank, enters Ukraine

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TBC Bank Group through its company TBC International Holdings Limited (UK) receives the right to buy out shares from the Ukrainian company Eliance and the Irish Fondy Payments Ltd.

According to Forbes, the transaction amount is about 5 million euros.

Remember that in 2021, information appeared that TBC Bank wanted to buy the Ukrainian daughter of the Greek Piraeus Bank, but this information was subsequently denied.

TBC Bank is one of the two largest banks in Georgia, accounting for about 40% of the sector’s assets. The bank has 13 branches and 32 service centers throughout Georgia. Founded in 1992. Since 2019 he has also been working in Uzbekistan. Since 2014, the bank's shares have been traded on the London Stock Exchange, and in 2017 they were included in the FTSE 250 index. The bank's capitalization is 1.4 billion euros.

Fondy is one of the largest operators in the e-commerce payments market, serving approximately 20 thousand merchants and offering a wide range of payment solutions for online and offline businesses.


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