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Over the 11 months of 2023, exports of IT services fell by 7.3%

In November, the volume of exports of IT services from Ukraine amounted to $564 million, which is $35 million more than in October. Forbes writes about this with a link to NBU data. At the same time, over 11 months of the year, exports fell by 7.3%, to $6.1 billion, compared to the same figure a year ago.

For 11 months of 2023, exports of IT services fell by 7.3%

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Export of IT services

Compared to the indicator for November 2022 ($580 million), the volume of IT exports last month decreased by $16 million.

At the same time, compared to data for October and September 2023 IT exports increased by $35 million and $43 million, respectively.

From January to November, exports of IT services amounted to $6.1 billion, which is $482 million, or 7.3%, less than this year the same period last year ($6.6 billion).

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The Ukrainian IT industry closed last year with a record export figure of $7.34 billion, according to statistics from the National Bank. This is the largest amount since independence. IT accounts for about half of all exports of services.

Last year, the IT industry turned out to be the only area that maintained positive dynamics. Total exports decreased by 35%.

According to IT Research Ukraine, Ukrainian exports of IT services are decreasing. Based on the results of 2023, it will amount to $6.7-7.1 billion. 2023 will be the first year since Ukraine’s independence when the technology industry does not show growth compared to last year.


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