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Parking in Kyiv becomes paid again

From Monday, April 22, parking in Kyiv will again be paid. Payment for parking will work in the Kyiv Digital application. This was reported by the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration.

Parking in Kyiv is becoming paid again

As before, parking at municipal sites will be paid only on weekdays from 08:00 to 22:00. At other times on weekdays and during the day on Saturday and Sunday, parking is free.

Parking cost

Parking cost depends on the city zone and is:

    1 zone , central streets around st. Khreshchatyk – 35 UAH/hour; Zone 2, large center from Shulyavka to Pechersk – 25 UAH/hour; Zone 3, other cities – 5 UAH/hour.

Payment in the Kyiv Digital application

To pay for the service through the mobile application, at the beginning of parking you must:

    select “Driver Services” → “Hourly Parking”; select the car number from the list or indicate it; independently select the address and parking number from the list or it will be automatically determined by geolocation; click “Start parking”; Click “Finish parking” as soon as the car leaves the parking lot. After this, the user can proceed to “Pay for Parking”.

You can pay for parking by card via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

“Please note that municipal parking lots do not accept cash payments. It is the payment in the city application that is the official payment that goes to the Kyiv budget and is used to restore infrastructure during martial law,” the message says.

During an air raid, parking inspectors do not fine drivers and do not they are evacuating cars.

Payment for parking in the capital has been resumed by court decision.


The “Ministry of Finance” wrote that Kievtransparkservice from February 22, 2024 by court decision canceled fees for parking in communal areas.


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