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Parliament took a step towards customs clearance of cars in “Diya”

The Verkhovna Rada voted in the first reading on bill No. 10380 on customs clearance of cars in Diya. Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov wrote about this.

Parliament took a step towards customs clearance of cars in

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What will the customs clearance process be like

“It removes the human factor from the process of assessing a car. In general, the entire customs clearance process will be online. “Diya will help you fill out the customs declaration by providing information about the car by VIN code,” he explained.

According to the official, customs clearance of a car in “Diya” can be an illustrative case of how customs changes when there is no human factor.

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Citizens will be able to submit an electronic customs declaration through the “Diya” application, businesses – through the “Diya” portal.

Details about customs clearance< /h3>

All individuals and legal entities, as well as persons authorized by them, will be able to use customs clearance through “Diya”.

Only passenger cars will be able to clear customs through “Diya”. Trucks, trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles will have to be registered as before.

The cost of the car (which is then subject to customs duties) will be assessed automatically. Diya already has a calculator. Among the evaluation criteria are the year of manufacture, type of engine, its volume.

For example, calculated by the Ministry of Finance using this calculator, the cost of customs clearance of a 2016 car with a two-liter diesel engine was just over 110 thousand hryvnia (excise tax – 45 861 hryvnia, VAT – 64,206).

The current bill states that the cost of a car in Diya will be assessed automatically, based on the prices of similar new cars, taking into account reduction factors depending on the age of the vehicle.

For example, for a car produced a year ago, the coefficient will be 0.92, for a two-year-old – 0.7, for a three-year-old – 0.64, etc.

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