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PEPE continues to grow amid a general decline in the meme-coin market

For the second week, the crypto community is discussing Pepe, one of the most popular meme coins on the market. The excitement around the asset appeared due to its rise in price by 50% and forecasts of reaching a new historical maximum of $0.00001. Whether the token reaches this mark depends on the “whales”, since they own the majority of the coins in circulation.

PEPE continues to grow amid a general decline in the meme-coin market

At the moment, large investors have bought over 4 trillion PEPE tokens, which means that the value of the asset can increase. This is especially important given the small correction of 5.51% that the meme coin niche is currently experiencing.

The meme coin market is undergoing a correction

According to data on CoinMarketCap, over the last 24 hours Trading volume for meme cryptocurrencies decreased by 8.2%. However, experts almost unanimously consider this period to be one of the most suitable for investments. They suggest that against the backdrop of the launch of futures on PEPE, it is worth buying meme coins. This is because this initiative has raised the value of the mentioned asset and is ready to lead to an increase in the price of other tokens.

Today, crypto enthusiasts are considering two coins as promising options for purchase. The first of these, Dogeverse, is the industry’s first meme coin that combines 6 blockchains at once. It is in pre-sale stage 15 out of 16 and is currently priced at $0.000304. At the ICO final, the asset will rise in price to $0.000305.

Among the key features of the project, you should immediately pay attention to its versatility. Thanks to its work on Ethereum, it can be used in several networks. For example, in Avalanche, Ethereum, Solana, Base, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain.

Integration into these networks allows investors to seamlessly switch from one blockchain to another and make transactions in the most convenient ecosystem. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that due to this versatility, gas costs are reduced. Thus, $DOGEVERSE allows you to create a safe and environmentally friendly work environment.

Also, when connecting Best Wallet, MetaMask or Coinbase wallets, users can earn money by staking. By blocking $DOGEVERSE tokens purchased at the pre-sale, they increase their annual percentage return by 90%.


The second project that can generate significant income is WienerAI. It is currently available on pre-sale for $0.000702 each. The new asset is in great demand – this is reported by the investment amount of $591 thousand.

The coin attracts investors because it gives access to a virtual bot for trading cryptocurrencies. Today, $730 million worth of tokens are being staked, and the reward is 1.417% per year.

WienerAI tokenomics is as follows: 30% of the assets will be sold at the pre-sale, 20% will be paid as a reward for staking. Another 20% will go to encourage the community, and 10% will go to providing liquidity on DEX/CEX. The team will use the remaining 20% ​​for marketing needs.

You can purchase $WAI using the widget on the main project website using ETH, USDT or a bank card.



Despite the fact that the meme token niche is currently undergoing a correction, the situation may change in the future. This can already be noted by the rise in price of Pepe – up to $0.000006972. Experts also note that another meme coin, Dogecoin20, grew by 101% in the first few hours after its release on Uniswap. This suggests that new assets have a chance for rapid growth in the future.


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