• 19/04/2024 11:09

Polish banks fend off about 160 hacker attacks every day

In Poland, the financial system regularly faces hacker attacks. In one day, banks can fight off about 160 attacks. They write about this on bankier.pl, the publication refers to data from the Check Point service.

Polish banks fend off about 160 hacker attacks every day

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” As a rule, people are the weakest link in the security chain, and effective manipulation can lead to the theft of money from an account. It is much more difficult to successfully attack the banking infrastructure,” notes bankier.pl.

According to the publication, the average company in the Polish banking and financial sector is attacked more than 1,100 times a week.

Overall A similar situation is observed in the world, where more than a thousand attacks are recorded per week.

    Let us recall that recently hackers actively attacked monobank, but the attack was repelled. As reported by the State Special Communications Service, the number of cyber attacks in Ukraine increased by 62% in 2023. In October, the Ministry of Finance wrote that a global cyber attack on payment systems could cost the world $3.5 trillion.


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