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Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel fell by 3 hryvnia per liter in a month

For the month, from December 1 to December 29, the average price in the country for A-95 gasoline decreased by 2.84 UAH/l and amounted to 51.48 UAH/l, A-95+ gasoline fell in price by 2.98 UAH /l. to 54.59 UAH/l, and a liter of diesel fuel lost 2.72 UAH/l and now costs an average of 51.50 UAH/l. This is evidenced by data from daily price monitoring of the A-95 Consulting Group, reports enkorr.

Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel fell by 3 hryvnia per liter over the month

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The OKKO and WOG networks dropped 3 UAH/l for gasoline and 2 UAH/l for diesel fuel per month. And now A-95 and diesel fuel at filling stations of these networks are sold for 54.99 UAH/l, A-95+ – for 56.99 UAH/l.

The consolidated network of gas stations of the Privat group (ANP, Avias, etc.), which has about 950 gas stations, in December dropped prices for A-95 and diesel fuel by more than 4 UAH/l – to 49.26 UAH/l (-4.24 UAH/l) and 49.21 UAH/l (-4.29 UAH/l), respectively, on A-95+ – by 2.50 UAH/l – up to 51.50 UAH/l.

In the Ukrnafta network of gas stations, gasoline dropped by 2.50 UAH/l – to 49.40 UAH/l (A-95) and 51.40 UAH/l (A-95+), respectively. Diesel dropped 3 UAH per liter to 49.90 UAH/l. At U.GO stations, gasoline lost 2 UAH/l in price over the month – to 50.37 UAH/l (A-95) and 53.45 UAH/l (A-95+). Diesel prices fell by 1.86 UAH/l – to 50.37 UAH/l.

At UPG filling stations, gasoline prices fell by 3.30 UAH/l – to 50.60 UAH/l (A-95) and 52.60 UAH/l (A-95+), diesel fuel – by 2.20 UAH/l. up to 50.70 UAH/l.

In networks such as SOCAR, KLO, Amic and Shell, the usual “five” fell in price within the range of 1.00-2.80 UAH/l – to 51.99-56.99 UAH/l, “five” with improved quality indicators – by 1.00−3.00 UAH/l – up to 52.99−58.99 UAH/l, diesel fuel – within 2.00−3.00 UAH/l, up to 51.99−55.99 UAH/l.

In total, A-95 gasoline fell in price over the month from 1.00 UAH/l (Marshall, Avantage 7 and others) to 5 UAH/l (Ukrpetrol) and is now trading within the price range 48.00−56.99 UAH. /l. “Five” with improved quality indicators lost from 1.00 UAH/l to 3.50 UAH/l (Neftek) over the month, so it can be purchased for 51.50−58.99 UAH/l.

Diesel fuel also followed the trend of cheaper prices and dropped during the last month of the year from 1.00 UAH/l (Prime network) to 4.80 UAH/l (Catral), so it is now sold in the range of 47.50-54.99 UAH/l.

Change in retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel at gas stations from December 1 to December 29, 2023, UAH/l:

Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel fell in a month by 3 hryvnia per liter < /p>


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