• 28/05/2024 18:38

Privat updated “Envelopes”: what has changed

Privatbank has launched a public version of the “Envelopes” service, created primarily for volunteers and philanthropists to together raise funds for good deeds, humanitarian projects and support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Privat has updated

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What has changed

The updated version of “Envelopes” allows you to replenish your volunteer or your own envelope from any card of other banks and digital wallets via Apple Pay and Google Pay. What is important for volunteers is that “Envelopes” provide the opportunity to join forces for one goal, transferring funds from several collections to one “Envelope”.

A unique feature of the service is that “Envelopes” can be used to directly pay for purchases or services, without transferring funds to a card or withdrawing cash – if you add Google Pay or Apple Pay to your wallet.

Also from “Envelopes” you can freely transfer funds to your cards, cards of other people and to “Envelopes” of friends and acquaintances , family members, etc.


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