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Residents' deposits in Ukrainian banks decreased by 2.1%

Deposits of residents in Ukrainian banks in January of this year decreased by 2.1%, or UAH 49.2 billion, to UAH 2 trillion 345.9 billion, a decrease in deposits was recorded for the first time since August 2022. This is evidenced by NBU statistics, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

Resident deposits in Ukrainian banks decreased by 2.1%

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Deposit reduction

Household deposits fell in January by 2.5%, or by UAH 27.4 billion, to UAH 1 trillion 50.9 billion. Their previous decrease was recorded in May and January last year, but then it was less than UAH 1 billion and less than UAH 4 billion, respectively.

The NBU clarified that deposits in hryvnia decreased by 2.6%, or UAH 18.8 billion, to UAH 692.2 billion, and in foreign currency – by 2.1% in dollar equivalent, or $0.20 billion, to $9.47 billion.

Business deposits in the first month of the new year decreased by 1.7 percentage points, or UAH 21.8 billion, to UAH 1 trillion 259.5 billion. This is due to a drop in hryvnia deposits by 3.5%, or UAH 32.5 billion, to UAH 884.85 billion. At the same time, foreign currency deposits in dollar terms increased by 3.2% or $0.31 billion – to $9.89 billion.

The average rate of new hryvnia deposits for the population in January remained unchanged – 11.7 %, while for the corporate sector, after a pause in December, it dropped by 0.3 percentage points (pp) to 9.9%, returning to the level of November 2022.

As for foreign currency deposits, their profitability for individuals for the fourth month in a row remained at about 1.0% per annum, while for legal entities it gained 0.2 percentage points, returning to the figure for August last year – 0.7% per annum.< /p>

Loan portfolio

In January, the six-month growth trend in the loan portfolio was also interrupted: it decreased by 0.5%, or UAH 4.76 billion.

According to the regulator, the reason was a reduction in the loan portfolio of legal entities by 1.2%, or by UAH 8.88 billion, to UAH 748.10 billion. The largest outflow of loans was recorded in foreign currency: the portfolio decreased by 2% in dollar terms, or $0.12 billion, to UAH 6.23 billion, while in the national currency the portfolio decreased by 0.7%, or by UAH 3.51 billion. to UAH 512.35 billion.

At the same time, the loan portfolio of individuals increased by 2.1%, or UAH 4.76 billion, to UAH 227.31 billion due to an increase in hryvnia loans by 2 .3%, or UAH 4.90 billion – to UAH 215.49 billion, while the foreign exchange portfolio again decreased by 0.9% – to the equivalent of $312 million.

According to the National Bank, rates on hryvnia loans to business and households increased by 0.6 percentage points. — up to 18.1% and 0.9 p.p. — up to 34.6% per annum, respectively. At the same time, rates on foreign currency loans for legal entities increased by 0.3 percentage points to 6.7%, and for individuals, on the contrary, dropped by 1.4 percentage points. — up to 5% per annum.

Interbank lending and overnight rates, as the central bank notes, decreased by 0.4 percentage points in January. – in accordance with 14.6% and 14.5% per annum.


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