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Return of H&M: Ukrainians spent almost 242 million UAH in stores

The revenue of the H&M chain of clothing, accessories and household goods stores reached UAH 241.8 million, YouControl data for 2023 shows. These are the results after less than two months of work, writes Forbes.ua.

The return of H&M: Ukrainians spent almost 242 million UAH in stores

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Return of the brand

H&M's revenue from product sales reached UAH 241.8 million from the operation of seven stores that opened in Ukraine in 2023.

Other operating income of the retailer amounted to UAH 64.5 million.

The company’s net financial result in 2023 in Ukraine was UAH 22 million.

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The H&M company resumed work in Ukraine in November 2023. Gradually, she opened seven stores.

The first retail locations of the chain began operating in the Lavina Mall and Respublika Park shopping centers in Kyiv on November 9, 2023.


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