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Sergey Sinchenko is a member of the USUBC Business Council: strengthening the position of Ukrainian fintech

Sergey Sinchenko, CEO of Moneyveo, became a member of the USUBS (U.S.-Ukraine Business Council) council. This is an important step in the development of fintech in the country. It testifies to the growing role of our experts on the world stage and opens up new prospects for international cooperation for the financial sector.

Sergey Sinchenko — as a member of the USUBC Business Council: strengthening the position of Ukrainian fintech

For his part, through participation in important dialogues with government agencies in Ukraine and the United States, Sergey Sinchenko will have the opportunity to contribute to the formation of regulatory conditions for the development of the domestic fintech sector. According to the CEO of Moneyveo, representation on the USUBC business council will strengthen the position of Ukrainian business in the international market and will help expand partnerships with influential organizations in the world. Such cooperation will contribute to the positive dynamics of the Ukrainian fintech industry.

Let us remind you that USUBC ensures the expansion of international business relations, and therefore attracts foreign investment and expands the export capabilities of Ukrainian companies. Also, thanks to the work of USUBC, domestic enterprises gain access to the expertise and resources of foreign companies and organizations.

Such cooperation provides significant benefits in the development of financial innovation and can accelerate cross-border economic growth. At the same time, expertise in fast and transparent financial services complements USUBC's mission to support the economic development of our state. In other words, lobbying business interests can influence the creation of favorable conditions for market development, as well as ensuring, through dialogue and cooperation, a balance for all participants in the process, including consumers and regulators.

Sergei Sinchenko assured that Moneyveo intends to actively support the goals and mission of USUBC, contributing to the expansion and strengthening of economic ties between the United States and Ukraine.

Reference: Sergey Sinchenko – CEO of Moneyveo, a leading expert in Ukrainian fintech with 16 years of experience, has deep knowledge of banking system and non-bank lending. Under his leadership, the company received a number of awards in prestigious national competitions. In particular, at FinAwards 2024 it won the championship in the “Best MFO Online” category. Moneyveo also received recognition as the “Best digital lending company” and became the No. 1 company in terms of asset growth among private financial companies.


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