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Since the beginning of the year, liquidated banks have paid their creditors more than 887 million

During January-March 2024, the amount of satisfaction of the claims of bank creditors in liquidation amounted to UAH 887.7 million, of which UAH 304.9 million is the repayment of the claims of the NBU as a secured creditor. This was reported by the press service of the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Since the beginning of the year, liquidated banks have paid their creditors more than 887 million

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In particular, UAH 424.7 million was allocated to meet the requirements of the 3rd stage. (requirements of the Fund arising in cases determined by the Law of Ukraine “On the Deposit Guarantee System for Individuals”); UAH 73.8 million – 4th stage (individuals and individual entrepreneurs who are not related parties of the bank, in part exceeding the amount paid by the Fund); UAH 78.2 million – 7th stage (legal clients of the bank, persons not associated with the bank). The remaining funds were received by creditors of other priority groups.

In general, as of April 1, 2024, the banks liquidated by the Fund satisfied the claims of creditors for a total amount of UAH 69,667.2 million, of which UAH 17,969.3 million were repaid to secured creditors, including 16,597, UAH 7 million – NBU (including through foreclosure on the collateral and the guarantors’ property).

“Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the banks liquidated by the Fund have sent creditors UAH 13.7 billion, of which UAH 5.8 billion was received business. The key sources of income to satisfy the claims of creditors are funds from the sale of bank assets, rental property and repayment of loans and securities.

At the same time, the Fund continues to pursue claims to recover damages from persons associated with banks involved to driving financial institutions to insolvency. Positive court decisions provide legal grounds for collecting compensation from these individuals in favor of creditors,” said Olga Belay, Deputy Managing Director of the Fund.


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