• 18/04/2024 17:05

Tax officials began checking sellers on the OLX online platform

The State Tax Service of Ukraine checks entrepreneurs selling goods on the OLX Internet platform. The fact of such an audit in the Nikolaev region was reported by the department's press service.

Tax officials have started checking sellers on the OLX online platform

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What is known

The use of cash registers/programs is mandatory when making payments in in cash and/or using electronic means of payment for goods sold, including through well-known Internet platforms, the message says.

Employees of the tax audit department of the State Tax Service in the Nikolaev region discovered an entrepreneur from Nikolaev selling mopeds foreign production on OLX without the use of PPO/PRRO and proper accounting of inventory for a total amount of over 250,000 UAH.

In addition to the fact that this is a violation of the law, the issuance of PPO/PRRO checks allows buyers of goods to protect their rights in as consumers.



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