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The banking system coped with the consequences of missile terror on energy infrastructure facilities – banker

The banking system turned out to be sufficiently prepared, having withstood the March and April missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities. However, certain difficulties in the work of the departments were observed in the cities that suffered the greatest damage and where temporary power outages were introduced, in particular in Kharkov, Odessa, Dnieper, Zaporozhye and a number of others. This was announced by Sergey Mamedov, head of the board of Globus Bank.

The banking system coped with the consequences of missile terror on energy infrastructure facilities — banker

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According to him, problems with energy supply caused by missile terror should be perceived as temporary, because, firstly, more than 2/3 of all bank branches are connected to the Power Banking system, which provides uninterrupted power supply, unhindered access to the Internet, and the implementation of necessary banking operations , enhanced cyber protection against hacker interference, general safe stay of citizens in the branch, etc.

Secondly, in case of possible interruptions of mobile operators, a digital signature of the client has been introduced in banking applications, which will not require receiving an additional SMS. confirmation for debiting funds. In addition, the list of channels for notifying clients has been expanded – this is, first of all, the use of instant messengers to which clients’ mobile numbers are linked.

Thirdly, most banking operations can be carried out remotely through banking applications: from simple transfers to installment plans, opening a deposit, bank card, transferring funds to cards of foreign banks with a minimum commission, obtaining a loan, etc.

< p>According to his information, in March in these cities, the number of offline requests to bank branches decreased by an average of 15%, while the number of online requests through the banking application increased by an average of 25% (here, requests from both actual customers and those who installed the application on a smartphone for the first time).

In addition, the working hours of departments, observing general requirements for the safety of citizens (for example, in the case of air raid), decreased by an average of 1.5 hours.

“Of course, it is quite difficult to calculate the insidious actions of an unpredictable enemy. However, for acceptable operation of bank branches, the simplest thing that can be done is simply to equip them with generators of optimal power.

From October 2022 to April 2023, Ukraine has already experienced a “half-year of generators,” and the experience gained has proven that even in under difficult circumstances, the work of bank branches has remained almost unchanged (with the exception of those cities where, after the March and April attacks, temporary restrictions and hourly blackouts have been observed).

We can say that the work of bank branches will stop only in the worst and most difficult times case when the military threat becomes insurmountable and the evacuation of citizens is required,” the banker emphasized.


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