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The cost of the landing ship destroyed in Feodosia is about $85 million – media

On the night of December 26, tactical aviation of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the large landing ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet “Novocherkassk” in the Feodosia region. The Ukrainian edition of Forbes estimates its value at about $85 million.

The cost of the landing ship destroyed in Feodosia is about $85 million - media

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The assessment took into account the fact that Novocherkassk is similar in characteristics to the Saratov PDK built in 1964, which is estimated at $75 million. At the same time, Novocherkassk is 23 years younger (launched in 1987).

For comparison: in 2012, the Russians built a larger and more modern IDC Ivan Gren for $160 million

PDK “Novocherkassk”

IDK “Novocherkassk” (VDK-46) is a large landing ship of Project 775 (775/II), which is in service with the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy. It was built for the USSR by socialist Poland from 1975 to 1991, taking into account the possibility of conducting operations in the ocean.

Designed for amphibious landings on an unequipped coast and overturning troops and cargo by sea. Capable of transporting various types of armored vehicles, including tanks.


Ukraine’s biggest victory at sea was with the use of Neptune missiles, thanks to which the Ukrainian Armed Forces managed to sink the cruiser Moskva near Zmeiny Island. worth $750 million.


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