• 26/05/2024 09:06

The EU has finally approved a plan for Ukraine to receive 50 billion euros

The European Union has finally approved the Ukraine Plan necessary for the implementation of the Ukraine Facility program in the amount of 50 billion euros. Prime Minister Denis Szmigal announced this.

The EU has finally approved a plan for Ukraine to receive 50 billion euros

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This year, within program, Ukraine expects to attract 16 billion euros.

“This will strengthen our financial stability in the context of a full-scale war with Russia. Thank you to Belgium, which chairs the EU Council, and to the EU member states for their high assessment of the Ukraine Plan and unwavering support,” added the head of the Ukrainian government.

The Plan for the Ukraine Facility includes 151 indicators in 69 areas of reform , the implementation of which is planned for the period until 2027. It was developed together with key international partners of Ukraine. Based on this, the indicators provided for in the Plan partially meet the existing international obligations of Ukraine within the framework of other agreements.

For the implementation of the Plan indicators for the Ukraine Facility in 2024, Ukraine should receive 16 billion euros, in 2025 – 12.5 billion euros, in 2026 – 7.25 billion euros, 1.2 billion euros in 2027, as well as 1.32 billion euros in January 2028 for the implementation of Q4 indicators. 2027.


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