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The European Commission is preparing concessions to Hungary for the sake of aid to Ukraine worth 50 billion euros – Financial Times

The European Commission is ready to concede some of Hungary’s demands in order to achieve the allocation of 50 billion euros to Ukraine. This is reported by the Financial Times with a link to its sources.

The European Commission is preparing concessions to Hungary for the sake of helping Ukraine worth 50 billion euros — Financial Times

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It is noted that Brussels has been trying to find a solution to the Hungarian blockade since Prime Minister Viktor Orban vetoed the EU package in December.

The problem becomes even more urgent when you consider that the desperate situation in the US Congress means uncertainty about Washington's support for Kiev as Russia steps up airstrikes on Ukrainian cities.

Three officials with knowledge of the matter said that as a way to convince Orban to override his veto, the European Commission is ready to give the Hungarian Prime Minister has the opportunity to stop the financing operation in the middle of the road in 2025.

Under the potential concession, the EU will review the four-year support package next year when it assesses whether Ukraine needs the money and has met the requirements to receive EU assistance. This will give Orban the opportunity to veto its continuation.

The European Commission is also ready to conduct an annual audit of aid and introduce an “emergency brake” clause, according to which any country will be able to bring serious concerns about payments to Ukraine to the discussion of the EU leaders’ summit. However, this will not allow Hungary an additional opportunity to veto the funding.

Asked whether this would be enough for Orban to give up his veto, a senior Hungarian official said: “It is not yet clear, but most likely yes “.


Hungary said it could lift its veto on the EU aid package for Ukraine in the amount of 50 billion euros, provided that the funding is reviewed every year.


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