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The first copy of the Superman comic was sold at auction for $6 million (photo)

The first copy of the 1938 comic book, “introducing Superman to the world,” was sold for a record $6 million. The League writes about this with a link to the Associated Press.

The first copy of a Superman comic was sold at auction for $6 million (photo)

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The auction house Heritage Auctions reports that a rare copy of Action Comics # 1 was bought by an anonymous buyer. The price of six million made it the most expensive comic book ever sold at auction.

For many years, Action Comics #1 held the title of the most expensive comic book. But in 2022, Amazing Fantasy #15, which tells about Spider-Man, was sold for $3.6 million.

The first copy of the Superman comic was sold at auction for $6 million (photo)

Heritage Auctions calls Action Comics #1 “the most important comic book ever published.”

“Superman, who first appeared in the Spring 1938 issue, remains very similar to the version that can still be seen in comics today and on TV today,” writes Heritage Auctions.

Only 100 surviving copies of Action Comics #1 exist today, out of 200,000 printed by National Allied Publications, the predecessor of DC Comics.

The Action Comics #1 sale was part of a four-day comic book auction that featured several famous superheroes and rare comics featuring them. By the end of Sunday, the event had raised more than $28 million, according to Heritage Auctions.


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