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The first half a billion for destroyed property: Ukrainians are actively exchanging housing certificates for new houses

The total amount for which 298 Ukrainian families purchased a new home under the “єVіdnovlennya” program has already exceeded half a billion hryvnia. This was announced by the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the organization of state power, local self-government, regional development and urban planning, Elena Shulyak.

The first half a billion for destroyed property: Ukrainians are actively exchanging housing certificates for new houses

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According to her, another 1.5 billion UAH were reserved by the owners of housing certificates issued for destroyed housing. This means that they have already decided on a new home, which they are soon ready to buy.

The total amount of funds that the state transferred to the sellers of real estate, which became the new home for hundreds of Ukrainian families whose homes were destroyed as a result of Russian military aggression , today amounts to more than 726 million UAH.

In total, as of today, 2,385 “Restoration” housing certificates have already been generated for a total amount of 4.3 billion hryvnia. A completed housing certificate means a positive decision on compensation for destroyed housing. Another positive indicator is the number of applications processed. So, as of today, Ukrainians have submitted 8974 applications and more than half – 4774 applications have already been processed, Shulyak noted.

“We see that the dynamics in terms of processing applications is very positive. For example, the stage of compensation for damaged housing started on May 1, 2023 and more than 75% of applications have already been processed. And the stage of compensation for destroyed housing started only on August 1, despite the fact that more than half of the applications had already been processed.

These figures are quite indicative, because people understand that they will not need to wait for new housing for years, since the applicants who submitted applications , for example, six months ago, it was already purchased with funds provided by the state,” noted Elena Shulyak.

She also noted that for housing damaged as a result of Russian aggression, the state agreed on compensation for a total amount of 4 billion UAH, of which 3.4 billion UAH have already been received by the owners of such housing and 1 billion UAH have already been spent on necessary goods and services for restoration.< /p>

How to receive compensation or sell the housing certificate “єVіdnovlennya”

    Submit an information message and an application for compensation for damaged or destroyed housing to “Die”, through the CNAP or a notary; Wait for the visit of a special commission from local government authorities that will inspect the housing – it will take place within 30 days; Open an account in one of the partner banks (Privatbank, monobank, FUIB, Oschadbank, Sense Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, etc.); Receive a decision from the commission with the amount of compensation or a housing certificate in “Die”. After receiving a housing certificate, you need to choose a new home and book the required amount at Die. After booking, but before concluding a purchase and sale transaction, ownership of the destroyed housing must be renounced. You can do this yourself or with the help of a notary and registrar by contacting the CNAP. After the purchase and sale transaction is concluded, the funds will be transferred to the seller. This means that the applicant has sold his housing certificate.


From January 1, 2024, citizens who have repaired their damaged housing at their own expense can receive compensation. In addition, at the beginning of December last year, they began paying compensation for damaged housing in need of major repairs – up to UAH 500 thousand.


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