• 19/04/2024 10:43

The French will help SASU switch to European standards of financial control

The State Audit Service and the French agency “Expertise France” signed a memorandum of cooperation on the development of regulatory documents for financial control in accordance with EU standards. This was reported by the press service of GASU.

 The French will help GASU switch to European standards of financial control

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The signed document provides for expanded cooperation with French colleagues as part of the fight with fraud and other financial irregularities that may affect the financial interests of the EU, and to strengthen the capacity of the State Antimonopoly Service in conducting state financial control, in particular during the period of martial law and in the reconstruction of war-torn regions.

“Partnership The State Audit Service with the French agency “Expertise France” will allow us to attract specialists to develop legislative and regulatory decisions that Ukraine has undertaken to accept in accordance with its obligations under the Agreement with the EU. We are grateful to our French colleagues for their willingness to cooperate and provide the necessary consultations, as well as for technical assistance,” noted the head of the State Audit Service Alla Basalaeva.

The Memorandum also provides for support in modernizing the material and technical base of the State Audit Service.

The French Agency for International Technical Cooperation “Expertise France” is part of the French Development Agency group and reports to the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Finance, Industrial Sovereignty and Digitalization of France.


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