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The government expects the Ukraine Facility plan to be agreed upon with Brussels within a few weeks

The plan for the implementation of the Ukraine Facility support program, which provides for the implementation of 69 reforms and the implementation of 151 related indicators, will be approved by the European Commission over the next few weeks, this forecast was given by Deputy Minister of Economy Alexey Sobolev on the sidelines of the closed discussion “Wartime Economy: Lessons from the Past for sustainable future” at the Kiev School of Economics (KSE) Interfax-Ukraine reports this.

The government expects approval of the Ukraine Facility plan with Brussels within a few weeks

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Sobolev explained that such positive expectations are due to the fact that at the stage of preparation of the document there was close coordination with the EC.

Ukraine Facility is an instrument that provides for the possibility of Ukraine receiving . EU financial and technical assistance totaling €50 billion. Of these, 38.27 billion euros will be allocated for budgetary support to the investment fund – 6.97 billion euros, for technical and administrative support – 4.76 billion euros.

Ukraine received the first 4.5 billion on March 20 euro within the framework of transitional financing, and in order to receive the next 1.5 billion euros in April, two more of the five indicators scheduled for the first quarter of this year must be fulfilled.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine added that after the approval of the Plan for Ukraine Facility, it is expected that another 1.9 billion euros of unconditional funding will be sent to the state budget, while the balance of budget support amounts to a total of 30.27 billion euros, of which Ukraine will receive 5.27 billion euros in the form of grants quarterly after implementation indicators provided for in the plan.


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