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The government has expanded the conditions for providing grants for the development of horticulture

The government has expanded the terms of grants under the “eWork” program for the development of gardening, berry growing, viticulture and greenhouse farming. The document was prepared by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

 The government has expanded the conditions for providing grants for the development of horticulture

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How conditions have changed

In particular, it is proposed to change the conditions for planting and arranging plantings on a plot of land or in adjacent areas. According to the new standards, the provision of grants is supplemented with the following content:

    grants are provided for planting and arrangement of plantings on a plot of land or on adjacent plots of land, the total area of ​​which ranges from 1 to 25 hectares; the location between land plots of economic routes, runs, shelterbelts and other protective plantings, boundaries (rivers, streams, canals, forest belts, vegetation belts, trees, paths, ravines, ravines, wetlands) is allowed. The amount of compensation for the cost of the grape planting project has been increased to 330 thousand hryvnia per hectare of plantings.

What is known about the program

The government grant program has been in effect since July 1, 2022 and provides support for small and medium-sized businesses. Among its advantages is the opportunity for anyone who wants to create or develop their own business in the areas of “Own Business”, “Own Garden”, “Own Greenhouse”, “New Level”.

In 2023, 131 orders for grants were issued for the development of gardening, berry growing and viticulture (432.8 million UAH) and greenhouse farming (159.4 million UAH). According to the orders, it is planned to create about 15 thousand jobs.

Grants are provided in the amount of no more than 70% of the project cost, but not more than 10 million hryvnia. The applicant must finance at least 30% of the project cost with their own funds or credit. A prerequisite is the employment of the required number of workers. For gardens – from 5 to 10 permanent and 125-425 seasonal workers, depending on the name of the planting. For greenhouses – at least 4 permanent and 10 seasonal per hectare.

Financing of agricultural producers under the government program “eWork” during 2024-2025 is thanks to the support of the World Bank within the framework of the “Emergency Project for Providing Inclusive Support for Rural Restoration” economy of Ukraine (ARISE).


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