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The Guarantee Fund announced an information attack by shareholders of the liquidated bank

The Deposit Guarantee Fund of Individuals claims a black PR campaign on the part of the owners of one of the liquidated banks. This was reported by Deputy Managing Director of the Fund Andrey Olenchik in a column on the EP.

The Guarantee Fund announced an information attack by shareholders of the liquidated bank

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What the Fund said

According to Olenchuk, the Fund monitored the preparation of this campaign for several months in a row. “The Deposit Guarantee Fund was hit by a barrage of similar information requests, and absolutely identical, verbatim reprinted materials, openly biased and unbalanced, appeared in a number of media and telegram channels,” he noted.

The Fund states that there are reasonable grounds to believe that behind the black PR campaign are the owners of one of the banks, which are being withdrawn from the market for manipulation to conceal the real origin of payments related to the gambling business.

“The funds that they really counted on for themselves personally went to the bank’s creditors and the state – in particular, already under the management of the Fund, more than half a billion hryvnia were transferred from this bank to the State Tax Service, which the bank owed to the state while still operating on the market and having billions income. Their disappointment is quite obvious… the owners of bankrupt banks will have to postpone the purchase of luxury real estate and yachts until better times,” writes the Deputy Managing Director of the Guarantee Fund.

He does not say which bank he is talking about.

< h3>Which banks were recently liquidated

At the beginning of December 2023, the Fund announced the transfer of UAH 550 million from the accounts of Ibox Bank JSC to the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

It was this bank, as well as JSC “JSCB “Concord” was withdrawn from the market in accordance with Article 77 of the Law of Ukraine “On Banks and Banking Activities” due to systematic violation by banks of legal requirements in the field of preventing and combating the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime, terrorist financing and proliferation financing weapons of mass destruction.

In total, since the beginning of a full-scale war, 8 banks were withdrawn from the Ukrainian banking market by decision of the National Bank.


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