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The main task of the Ministry of Finance for 2024 is the resumption of medium-term budget planning

Restoring medium-term budget planning is the main task of the Ministry of Finance for this year. This was stated by First Deputy Minister of Finance Denis Ulyutin, speaking at the 12th meeting of the EU4PFM steering committee, the press service of the Ministry of Finance reports.

The main task of the Ministry of Finance for 2024 is the resumption of medium-term budget planning

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The ministry noted that they are working with the main managers of funds ( GRK) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to improve medium-term budgeting procedures, and with SIGMA experts to improve the methodology for conducting expenditure reviews.

“Among the main achievements, I would like to note the progress with the development of a new modern IT system for planning and monitoring the implementation of the state budget. We are testing the developed modules and hope to be able to use the system in practice during the preparation of the Budget Declaration for 2025-2027 and the draft state budget for 2025,” said the First Deputy Minister of Finance.

Ulyutin also noted the importance of the government’s adoption of the National Revenue Strategy until 2030 and expressed hope for support for the project in its implementation.

“We have a lot of work aimed at developing state internal financial control, which is a very important area in the context of the upcoming negotiations about our membership in the EU. We are ready to move from the concept to the preparation of specifications for an IT solution for the interactive portal of the DVFC. I am confident that by increasing understanding of the importance of this function, we will be able to create conditions for strengthening the quality of internal audit,” he said.

In addition, Ulyutin noted that improving accounting in the public sector remains an important area, primarily , regarding the further implementation of international standards and improvement of consolidated reporting methodology.

“This is the basis that ensures the completeness and reliability of information for making management decisions and gives confidence to our international partners regarding the proper use of the assistance they provide,” – said Ulyutin.


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