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The main thing for Monday: the national debt has fallen in price, trade “visa-free” for Ukraine, exchange rate forecast

The EU has finally approved the continuation of duty-free trade with Ukraine

The main thing for Monday: the national debt has fallen in price, visa-free trade for Ukraine, exchange rate forecast

The European Council approved the agreement on duty-free trade with Ukraine with enhanced protective measures for European farmers. The agreement provides for the suspension of duties and quotas on exports to the EU until June 2025.

Public debt has fallen in price by 1.4 times since 2022 – Ministry of Finance

From 2022 to the end of March 2024, the weighted average cost of government and government-guaranteed debt of Ukraine decreased by almost 1.4 times – from 7.79% to 5.57%. At the same time, the weighted average maturity of government debt increased 1.6 times – from 6.27 years to 10.04 years.

Bankers expect a weakening of the hryvnia against the backdrop of currency liberalization

Bankers expect that the hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar will drop to 40 UAH in the summer; experts say that the national currency will become cheaper amid the introduction of liberalization in the market.

Ukraine wants to get all of Russia's frozen assets, not just the income from them – Ministry of Justice

An annual package of 3 billion euros, collected from income from frozen Russian assets, will have almost no impact in the context of Ukraine's military needs. This was announced by Minister of Justice Denis Maluska.

Dollar exchange rate May 13-17: what game is the NBU playing on the interbank market and why

The situation on the foreign exchange market is changing with the cyclical nature established by the National Bank. At the end of April, the dollar fell in price, and the first ten days of May ended with an increase in its exchange rate. Some explained this trend by the effect of the exchange rate wave, which the regulator likes to move in different directions, and others by the creation of additional motivation for exporters.


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