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The National Commission explained why the moratorium on debt collection for housing and communal services was lifted

The main reason for lifting the moratorium is the increase in debt for housing utilities. In particular, today the population's debt for electricity consumption has increased by 41% compared to pre-war times. The head of NKREKU Konstantin Ushchapovsky spoke about this.

The National Commission explained why they lifted the moratorium on debt collection for housing and communal services

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According to him, significant resources are needed for the normal functioning of the Ukrainian energy system, so the lifting of the moratorium was a necessary measure.

Uschapovsky adds that those households that have appropriate subsidies , pay for utilities almost in full and the paradox is that debts are growing mainly due to solvent households, since the moratorium has significantly worsened payment discipline.

Nevertheless, the moratorium will remain in effect in the territories where military operations and in front-line territories.

Ukrainians complain about unreasonable debts for electricity

Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers seeks to stop the growth of debts for utilities, already reaching unprecedented numbers.


On January 9, the Government lifted the ban on the termination of housing and communal services, the accrual and collection of penalties (fines, penalties) and the collection of debt for housing and communal services for the population in case of non-payment .

According to the resolution, in the event of a temporary absence from the residential premises of the consumer and other persons for more than 30 calendar days, utility service providers must be provided with an application and documentary evidence in electronic or paper form.


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