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The NBU introduced a new commemorative banknote “Unity saves the world” (photo)

From February 23, 2024, the National Bank is introducing into circulation a new commemorative banknote “Unity saves the world” with a face value of 50 hryvnia. This was reported by the regulator's press service.

NBU introduced a new commemorative banknote “Unity saves the world” (photo)

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This is the second commemorative banknote that the NBU has issued since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.

It is dedicated to the invincibility of the Ukrainian people in the struggle for freedom and European values, the consolidation of Ukrainian society to protect territorial integrity, as well as the unity of the democratic world in the face of Russian aggression.

NBU introduced a new commemorative banknote

Features of the banknote

The commemorative banknote “Unity saves the world” with a face value of 50 UAH has the EU series with numbers 0000001−0300000 and the signature of the head of the National Bank Andrey Pyshny. The size of the banknote is 80×165 mm.

The commemorative banknote is legal tender and is obligatory for acceptance by all individuals and legal entities without any restrictions throughout the territory of Ukraine for all types of payments.

At the same time, its circulation is limited, it is 300 thousand pieces (in souvenir packaging), which gives the banknote a collectible value.

NBU introduced a new commemorative banknote “Unity saves the world” (photo)

Protection system

The commemorative banknote “Unity Saves the World” contains all the security elements of the current nominal series of banknotes – a multi-ton watermark, a security tape completely immersed in the thickness of the paper, a through element, optically replaceable OVI and SPARK elements, relief images, in particular an element for people with disabilities. vision, microtexts and elements that are detected in ultraviolet, infrared rays and have magnetic properties.

In addition, the banknote contains an element made of iridescent paint with a mother-of-pearl effect.

NBU introduced a new commemorative banknote “Unity saves the world” (photo)


The new commemorative banknote has a bright vertical design. It was created by Honored Artist of Ukraine Vladimir Taran.

On the front side of the banknote in the central part there is an artistic and figurative composition reflecting the stylized outline of Ukraine, associated with the heart, to which the vessels fit. The background image is the image of a girl in a military helmet, looking towards the West.

The digital designation of the denomination is located horizontally in the lower right part of the commemorative banknote.

The main image of the reverse side of the commemorative banknote is a symbolic composition of clasped hands, symbolizing cooperation, mutual assistance, trust and partnership against the backdrop of a stylized trident – a symbol of the Ukrainian state.

Where to buy

You can buy a commemorative banknote “Unity saves the world” in the online numismatic store products of the National Bank from March 7, 2024. A total of 150 thousand units will be sold through the online store. commemorative banknotes, of which 15 thousand pieces will be available on the first day of sales.

In addition, the banknote will be gradually sold by distribution banks (Ukrgasbank, Radabank, Taskombank, Privatbank).


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