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The non-cash dollar becomes cheaper in the first half of the day due to lower demand

The non-cash hryvnia/dollar exchange rate is strengthening at the beginning of the week. Today, April 22, trading in the Bloomberg system began at 39.89 UAH/$, but after that the quotes quickly rolled down – first to 39.8175 UAH/$, and then to 39.7550 UAH/$.

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What is happening with the exchange rate

Last week on Bloomberg started at 39.20 UAH/$, and ended at 39.91 UAH/$. The official exchange rate for April 22 was set by the National Bank at UAH 39.7879/$. According to the official report, from April 15 to April 19, the NBU increased its foreign exchange sales on the interbank market by 1.8 times, to $695.1 million. And the average daily trading volume on Bloomberg amounted to $198.8 million.

The non-cash dollar becomes cheaper in the first half of the day due to a decrease in demand

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This week on Bloomberg started calmly, strengthening hryvnia and a reduction in foreign exchange demand. The trading volume there in the first half of the day decreased by half (compared to Friday, April 19), and amounted to only $100.4 million at 12:45.

At 12 o’clock, the National Bank set the reference rate at the level of 39, 8129 UAH/$.

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