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The Rada Committee rejected amendments to the reservation of military personnel receiving a certain salary

Edits on the reservation of military personnel who receive a certain salary and pay taxes were rejected by the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Council. People's Deputy from Servant of the People, member of the relevant committee Igor Kopytin spoke about this in a comment to LIGA.net.

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The discussion took place on March 25th. According to Kopytin, there were separate proposals for booking people who receive a certain salary and pay taxes, but they were rejected even without discussion.

“The purpose of the bill is to establish socially just mobilization. The actual essence of such changes would be the principle of “war for the poor.” And this is unacceptable!” — the people’s deputy emphasized.

Kopytin noted that the committee is undergoing a preliminary review.

“Perhaps in the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada during the second reading, the authors of these amendments will be able to initiate their accounting,” he added.


Parliament proposed an initiative for reservation by paying a monthly military fee in the amount of 20,000 UAH. This is the average salary in the country. We are talking about paying an additional military fee for each reserved person, regardless of his position, salary or other criteria.

The Cabinet of Ministers and the President’s Office discussed another model – linked to salary, starting from 35,000 UAH. Automatic reservation should be provided for such employees.

The “Ministry of Finance” wrote that the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market (NCSM) recognized a number of companies as critical for the economy, which will have the right to apply for reservation of employees from mobilization .


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