• 24/04/2024 05:59

The state registers the brand “Made in Ukraine”

The government has approved the image of the trademark for goods produced in Ukraine – “Made in Ukraine”, which can be used free of charge by businesses, public organizations and government agencies. This is stated in the government decree approved on February 23, writes Ekonomicheskaya Pravda.

The state registers the brand “Made in Ukraine” /></p>
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<p>The logo was developed at the Ministry of Economy. After its approval by the government, the ministry will have to ensure the filing of an application for state registration of the trademark, as well as develop a brand book based on the logo.</p>
<p>The state brand will help highlight goods produced by a Ukrainian manufacturer among similar goods in circulation, popularize Ukrainian goods production and stimulate domestic demand for them, the explanatory note notes.</p>
<p>The use of the logo and brand book will be free for government agencies, local governments, businesses, other institutions and organizations, regardless of their form of ownership.</p>
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