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The US is considering a ban on new artificial intelligence models for China

The administration of US President Joe Biden is ready to open a new front in its efforts to protect US artificial intelligence from China. China is planning to ban the most advanced AI models, such as ChatGPT. This is reported by Reuters.

The United States is considering ban on new artificial intelligence models for China

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The US Department of Commerce is considering new measures to limit the export of proprietary or proprietary artificial intelligence models, whose software and the data on which it learns are kept secret.

< p>So far, nothing is stopping American artificial intelligence giants such as Microsoft, OpenAI, Alphabet, which have developed some of the most powerful closed-source artificial intelligence models, from selling them to almost anyone in the world without government control.

Researchers The U.S. government and private sector are concerned that U.S. adversaries could use AI models that mine vast amounts of text and images to aggregate information and create content to launch aggressive cyberattacks or even create powerful biological weapons.

To develop export controls on AI models, the US could turn to the threshold contained in the AI ​​executive order issued last October, which is based on the amount of computing power needed to train the model, Reuters sources said. Upon reaching this level, the developer is required to communicate its plans to develop AI models and provide test results to the Department of Commerce.

This computing power threshold can become the basis for determining which AI models will be subject to export restrictions, according to according to two US officials and another source briefed on the discussions. They declined to give their names as details are not disclosed.

If it is implemented, it will likely limit the export of only those models that have not yet been released, since none of them have yet reached this threshold. although Google's Gemini Ultra is considered close to this.


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