• 15/04/2024 07:49

The US Senate will vote on aid to Ukraine next week

The US Senate is expected to vote on aid to Ukraine next week. This is reported by “European Pravda” with a link to Politico.

The US Senate will vote on aid to Ukraine next week

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Leader Democratic majority in the US Senate Chuck Schumer said that next week the Senate will vote on a supplemental national security bill, including a bipartisan agreement on border security and assistance to Ukraine and Israel.

Schumer plans to schedule a vote on the bill at next week, no later than Wednesday.

“This will give members of Congress ample time to review the bill before voting,” he said.

Many members of the Senate Appropriations Committee stressed that that they want to have enough time to study and discuss the text of the bill after it is promulgated.

Republican Party negotiator Senator James Lankford said that “there are people who ask for three days, and there are three weeks.”

It is not yet clear whether Senate leadership will allow amendments to the package, which could significantly delay the final vote.

It is also unclear whether House Speaker Mike Johnson will bring the bill to a vote if it passes the Senate .

In January, the United States reportedly suspended aid to Ukraine until Congress approved new funding.


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