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The Winklevoss brothers invested $4.5 million in Real Bedford FC

The founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, have become co-owners of the Real Bedford FC (RBFC) football club. They invested $4.5 million in bitcoins in it, writes Incrypted.

The Winklevoss brothers invested $4.5 million in Real Bedford FC

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It is reported that this is the largest investment in a UK football club that is not in a professional league. Financing was carried out through the company Winklevoss Capital.

It is known that the club is led by Peter McCormack, who is a supporter of cryptocurrencies. According to the new co-owners of Real Bedford FC, investing in Bitcoin will help popularize cryptocurrency among football fans and will lead the team to the English Premier League.

“We share McCormack’s confidence that cryptocurrency will help RBFC get into the Premier League . More than two years have passed since our first conversation. Even then, Peter proved that he knew how to build a successful football club. We are glad to become its co-owners and work together,” said one of the twin brothers, Tyler Winklevoss.

The founders of Gemini compared the history of Real Bedford with the history of Bitcoin itself, which for a long time was not in demand among investors. In their opinion, thanks to the funding, the football club will be able to challenge other teams and rise to new heights in the standings.

Gemini's press release noted that investments will also be aimed at developing a training center for children and opening an academy for talented athletes.


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