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There will be more money: the EU may still reconsider the volume of 50 billion aid to Ukraine

The Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the EU, Vsevolod Chentsov, admits that the European Union may reconsider increasing the volume of assistance to Ukraine by 50 billion euros, envisaged for four years. He spoke about this in an interview with Evropeiskaya Pravda.

There will be more money: the EU may still reconsider the amount of 50 billion aid to Ukraine

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What is known

“I think that Ukraine will receive more than 50 billion. Because in the middle – that is, after two years – (there is) an opportunity to view this tool. And I think that it will be revised upward,” the ambassador noted.

He explained that Ukraine’s needs are much greater than the accepted amount — “two orders of magnitude more.”

“But when we talk about our macro-financial stability, about the investment component… about technical assistance related, among other things, to the needs of preparing for membership, I think that our needs will be clarified,” the diplomat noted.

Chentsov noted that in this context, it is important how the grant and loan parts of the assistance will be filled and whether frozen Russian assets will be used.

“Will we be satisfied with setting this ceiling at 50 billion? Probably not. Because Russian assets are much more than 50 billion. And even if we are talking about income, well, for four years, as they calculated, then it is 17 billion. Therefore, we expect that the member countries will not only fill the grant part with these incomes from Russian assets,” the diplomat noted.


The EU is aiming to start to payments within the framework of the agreed Ukraine Facility program for 50 billion euros.

The government stated that Ukraine expects to receive from the EU the first tranche of macro-financial support in the amount of 4.5 billion euros in March.


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