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Trade revenue in the resort Bukovel increased by 2.3 times

Trade revenue in the resort of Bukovel in December last year increased 2.3 times compared to November of the same year: from UAH 258.9 million to UAH 601.3 million. This is stated in the message of the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Trade revenue in the resort Bukovel increased 2.3 times

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Business profits

Bukovel entrepreneurs registered 951 registrars of settlement transactions at the end of January 2024, while at the beginning of 2023 there were only 438.

In total, in 2023, all economic entities of the resort showed 4.6 billion UAH of trading revenue, the report says.

Based on the results of 129 actual audits carried out last year and in January 2024, tax authorities assessed additional economic entities of the Bukovel resort zone received more than UAH 5 million in penalties for their failure to comply with the law.

In addition, tax inspectors discovered six cases of business activities without state registration and another 10 cases of trade in alcohol and tobacco products without licenses .

Tax officials also recorded five cases of non-compliance by entrepreneurs with labor legislation, namely, unofficial employment of employees


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