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Transfer of assets to Russia and the future of Ukraine: what the Western press wrote about this week

Financial Times: “The transfer of frozen Russian reserves to Ukraine is elegant justice.”

The transfer of assets to Russia and the future of Ukraine: what the Western press wrote about this week

An article from one of the most authoritative media outlets in the field of finance says that those Western analysts who are afraid of the decision to transfer frozen assets to Russia are actually mistaken. As the publication notes, these concerns are unfounded, and such analysts cannot assess the strategic benefits of such a decision.

The transfer of Russian money to Ukraine, in particular, will reduce public pressure in the United States on politicians who spend budget funds to support another countries, but do not want to transfer frozen assets of Russia to Ukraine.

Bloomberg: The EU agreed on a tax on frozen assets of the Russian Federation

The European Union intends to introduce a tax on profits from frozen assets of the Russian central bank. At the same time, the EU does not yet intend to confiscate this money.

It is noted that EU foreign ministers have given their political blessing to introduce the tax on January 22. The issue will be discussed by the bloc's ambassadors later this week.

CNBC: Zelensky called Trump's rhetoric about Ukraine's war with Russia “very dangerous.”

The transfer of assets to Russia and the future of Ukraine: about what the Western press wrote this week

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said he was concerned about the prospect of Donald Trump returning to the White House, calling Trump's statement that he could stop Ukraine's war with Russia in 24 hours as ” very dangerous.”

In an interview with the British Channel 4 News aired on Friday, Zelensky invited the former president and the Republican Party's favorite presidential candidate to visit Kiev.

Bloomberg: Ways Send Unspoken Signals to the US to End the War

Russian President Vladimir Putin is sending tacit signals that he is allegedly ready for negotiations and may even concede to demands.

Politico: The future of Ukraine is in the hands of the West

The publication writes about that 2024, which is called the “election year,” will be decisive for Ukrainian democracy.

Russia is ready for a grueling war, despite the fact that it is losing not only thousands of its citizens, 40% of budget expenditures went to war and this is an amazing amount.

Ukraine did an incredible job repelling the invader. It has returned 50% of the territories occupied by Russia since the start of the full-scale invasion.

However, Kyiv needs more support and not only from the United Kingdom. Our allies must step up too.


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