• 22/07/2024 20:00

Ukraine expects to receive more than UAH 4 billion from privatization – Getmantsev

The revenue from privatization included in the 2024 budget is UAH 4 billion. The head of the Tax Committee, Daniil Getmantsev, announced this on his telegram channel.

Ukraine expects to receive more than 4 billion UAH from privatization — Getmantsev

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How many objects are put up for sale

In total, 1,470 objects are put up for privatization. 1,453 of them are small privatization (initial cost up to UAH 250 million).

In particular:

    1,003 separate property objects; 275 unified property complexes; 70 unfinished construction projects; 59 social and cultural facilities; 46 shares.

Another 17 objects – large privatization (cost from UAH 250 million).


Due to the war, privatization stopped in 2022, only in In September 2022, the State Property Fund of Ukraine resumed small privatization.

In 2022, the winners of the privatization auction transferred UAH 1.7 billion to the state budget. The State Property Fund successfully held 193 auctions.

In 2023, 431 state-owned objects were sold at auctions, and the budget received UAH 3.3 billion from small privatization from privatization.


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