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Ukraine exports record volume of electricity to five countries

On Tuesday, March 5, Ukraine plans to export a record amount of electricity since the beginning of the year to five countries. This was reported by the press service of NPC Ukrenergo.

Ukraine exports a record volume of electricity to five countries

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Export of electricity

Ukrenergo exports electricity to 5 countries:

    Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Moldova .

The company explained that it is planned to supply 13,393 MWh during the day, with a maximum power in individual hours of up to 726 MW.

Energy workers recalled that from March 1, the technically possible maximum capacity for exporting electricity from Ukraine and Moldova to Europe is 550 MW per hour. This decision was made by the transmission system operators of the countries of continental Europe ENTSO-E.

“Please note that the export of electricity from Ukraine to other countries is carried out only if there is no shortage in the energy system,” the message says.

Ukrenergo also noted that high water in the rivers and sunny weather contribute to the active operation of hydroelectric power plants and power plants using renewable energy sources. Thanks to this, electricity producers can not only meet the needs of Ukrainian consumers, but also increase production and sales volumes.

Electricity import

Electricity import is planned to be very small in the evening hours from Slovakia and Romania.

The total volume is 76 MWh, with a maximum power in individual hours of up to 37 MW. From December 1, the technical possibility of importing electricity from Europe to Ukraine and Moldova is 1,700 MW.


Yesterday, Monday, March 4, the daily maximum consumption yesterday was recorded at 19:00 , its level was 1.2% higher than on the previous working day – Friday, March 1. This increase in consumption is typical for the beginning of the work week.

Today, March 5, as of 09:40, the level of electricity consumption is 0.8% lower than the corresponding figure for Monday, March 4.


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