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Ukraine under a massive attack from Russia: a lot of destruction, no light

Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine have been under massive enemy attack since the morning of December 2. Several explosions were recorded in the capital, and power supply disappeared in some areas.

Ukraine under a massive attack from Russia: a lot of destruction, no light

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During the night and in the morning, Russia launches an attack with “Shaheds” and missiles.

First, the Russians attacked with 35 kamikaze drones. And closer to the morning, 16 Tu-95 TS strategic bombers launched dozens of missiles. Several strikes are reported in Kharkov.

But the main target of both waves is Kiev, where explosions and air defense operations began after 7 a.m.

Local residents report explosions and hits in many districts of the capital, they are distributing photos of large fires in residential areas.

Missiles are approaching the capital from almost all directions – west, east and north.

In addition to cruise missiles, Kyiv was also attacked by Kh-47M2 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles, the Air Force reported. They say there are 9 carriers of Daggers in the air.


Vitaliy Klitschko spoke about the fall of debris and destruction in Obolon, Podol, in the Goloseevsky, Solomensky districts, in Pechersk and Svyatoshin.

According to the military administration, the remains of a rocket fell on the roof of a multi-storey residential building in Pechersk. In the Obolonsky district, debris fell onto the territory of warehouses.

    In the Solomensky district, three people were hospitalized in one of the houses. In the Podolsk region they entered the territory of a civil infrastructure facility.

The mayor reported that a gas pipe in Podol was also damaged.

Kiev residents reported a loss of power in several areas. The mayor's office says that we are talking about Shevchenko, Svyatoshinsky, Goloseevsky and Obolonsky districts. The water also disappears.


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