• 15/06/2024 22:45

Ukraine's GDP accelerated in March to 4.6% – Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine estimated GDP growth in March at 4.6%. In January, GDP growth was at 3.5%, and in February – 3.9%. This was reported by the Department of Strategic Planning and Macroeconomic Forecasting in its monthly review of the main events in the Ukrainian economy.

Ukraine's GDP accelerated in March to 4.6% — Ministry of Economy

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The GDP growth trend is supported by the stable operation of sea ports, which stimulated the activities of railway transport, metallurgy and metal ore mining, as well as a number of other factors:

    increasing production capacity in the mining industry; intensification of the production of mineral fertilizers; increasing demand for construction services in favorable weather conditions; improving business sentiment; revival of consumer activity.

At the same time, the Ministry of Economy notes that heavy rocket attacks in late March and early April led to significant destruction of the energy infrastructure in some regions, which will require time and resources for its restoration and will slow down the resumption of production activity in some types of activities.



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