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Ukraine's trade turnover last year amounted to more than $99 billion. Most of all exported to Poland

In 2023, Ukraine's trade turnover amounted to $99.4 billion. Imports amounted to about $63.5 billion, and exports amounted to $36 billion. This was reported by the State Customs Service.

Ukraine's trade turnover last year amounted to more than $99 billion. The most was exported to Poland

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Which countries were traded with the most

Taxable imports amounted to $52.6 billion, which is 83% of the total volumes of imported goods.

Ukraine imported the most goods from China – $10.4 billion, Poland – $6.6 billion and Germany – $4.9 billion.

< p>At the same time, Ukraine exported the most to Poland – $4.7 billion, Romania – $3.7 billion and China – $2.4 billion.

In 2022, Ukraine’s trade turnover was even greater and amounted to $99.7 billion. In pre-war 2021, $117.44 billion.

What goods were imported and exported

In the total volumes of goods imported last year, 65% were the following categories of goods:< /p>

    auto, equipment and transport – $19.8 billion; chemical industry products – $11 billion; fuel and energy goods – $10.3 billion.

The top three most exported goods from Ukraine in 2023 included:

    food products $21.8 billion metals and products made from them $3.9 billion cars, equipment and transport $2.9 billion


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