• 13/04/2024 15:31

Ukrainian consumer sentiment index decreased in January

The consumer sentiment index of Ukrainians in January decreased by 0.7 points to 76.4 points. This is evidenced by research data from Info Sapiens.

Index consumer sentiment of Ukrainians decreased in January

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How the index has changed

The index of the current situation decreased and amounted to 52, which is 2.8 points lower than the level of this indicator in December. The components of this index have undergone the following changes:

    the index of current personal financial situation was 49.9, which is 4.3 points lower than the figure in December; the index of the appropriateness of large purchases decreased by 1.2 points and settled at 54.

At the same time, the Index of Economic Expectations increased by 0.7 points and amounted to 92.7.

In particular, the index of expected changes in personal financial situation amounted to 89.4 points, which is 2.7 points lower than the level of this indicator in December, the index of expected development of the country's economy over the next year increased by 0.3 points and is 80.5 points. increased by 4.4 points to 108.3.

In January, the indicator and index of expected dynamics of unemployment decreased by 3.6 points and amounted to 118.4. The index of inflation expectations decreased by 1.2 points and amounted to 180.9.

At the same time, the index of devaluation expectations decreased by 2.1 points to 148.2.


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