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US and UK enter into world's first bilateral agreement on AI safety

The US and UK signed a landmark agreement on artificial intelligence, as the allies became the first countries to formally collaborate on testing and assessing the risks of new artificial intelligence (AI) models. This is reported by the Financial Times.

The US and Britain have concluded the world's first bilateral agreement on AI safety

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The agreement, signed on Monday in Washington by UK Science Secretary Michelle Donelan and US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, sets out how the two governments will pool technical expertise, information and talent. on AI safety.

The agreement is the world's first bilateral agreement on the security of artificial intelligence. It comes as governments push for greater regulation of existential risks from new technologies, such as the use of AI for devastating cyberattacks or the development of biological weapons.

“Next year we really have to act quickly as new things come out.” generation of models (AI) that could completely change the rules of the game, and we don’t yet know the full capabilities they will offer,” Donelan said.

The agreement, in particular, will allow the new UK Artificial Intelligence Security Institute (AISI), created in November, and its not-yet-launched counterpart in the US to exchange experience. The institutes will also work together on how to independently evaluate private AI models created by companies such as OpenAI and Google.

The new partnership is modeled on the partnership between the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the US National Security Agency. working closely on intelligence and security issues.

“The fact that the United States, a great artificial intelligence nation, is signing this agreement with us, the United Kingdom, speaks volumes about how we are leading the way in the field safety of artificial intelligence,” Donelan noted.

She added that since many of the leading artificial intelligence companies are located in the United States, the expertise of the US government is key both to understanding the risks of artificial intelligence and to ensuring that companies adhered to their obligations.


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