• 23/06/2024 19:56

What you need to know about UAHg

We use hryvnia every day – we pay for purchases in the supermarket, food in a cafe, goods online, and so on. But what if the bank suddenly decides to block the card? In this case, you need a backup plan. We have it – the hryvnia stablecoin UAHg, which does not depend on the NBU and the government.

What you need to know about UAHg

Why UAHg?

Because UAHg is a step forward. This is the first hryvnia stablecoin that can be used not only for daily payments, but also for investments. When creating it, we thought of everything.

Firstly, UAHg has no restrictions or risk of blocking. After all, this is a decentralized cryptocurrency that does not depend on the NBU. Thanks to this, only you have access to your assets and only you decide what to do with them.

In addition, UAHg is part of a powerful ecosystem that allows you to conduct profitable and convenient transactions. The UAHg network is stable and accessible to everyone.

We also took care of fluctuations in the hryvnia exchange rate. The UAHg loyalty program protects your investments from surprises, because for every day of holding you receive a bonus. You can get up to +20% bonuses per year. Therefore, the longer you keep the hryvnia stablecoin, the more you get.

Of course, development is important for such an ambitious project. Therefore, we are constantly working to expand our partner network and provide our users with even more opportunities. Very soon we will tell you about our new partner, thanks to whom it will be possible to buy UAHg directly from a bank card.

UAHg is the hryvnia stablecoin of the future. Safe, clear, profitable and independent. With it, you don't have to worry about restrictions or volatility. Use UAHg and enjoy the benefits of the first hryvnia stablecoin!


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