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Yasno begins cutting off debtors: the amount of non-payment has reached 3.6 billion

During the moratorium on power outages for the population, the number of consumers-debtors from Yasno increased from 760 thousand to 1,252 subscribers – by 65%. And the amount of debt reached UAH 3.6 billion (UAH 3,574.48 million). Yasno reported this in response to a request from the Ministry of Finance.

Yasno begins cutting off debtors: the amount of non-payment has reached 3.6 billion

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What did the company say?

It was also clarified that Yasno is a brand under which a group of companies operate in the areas of electricity supply, energy efficiency solutions and electric vehicles, providing services to 3.5 million Ukrainian families in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk regions and legal clients throughout Ukraine (in Ukrainian-controlled territory).

A moratorium on blackouts for individuals was introduced almost immediately after the start of the full-scale invasion—March 5, 2022. The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution “Some issues of payment for housing and communal services during martial law”, which prohibited the assessment and collection of penalties and fines from individuals (also inflation charges, interest per annum on debt) for untimely or incomplete payment by the population of payments for housing and communal services . At the same time, a moratorium was established on disconnecting non-paying subscribers. This approach applied only to households and did not apply to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

However, on December 29, 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution No. 1405, which lifted the moratorium on disconnecting defaulters. An exception to this rule was made only for war-damaged housing (the consumer must inform the energy company about this), zones of active hostilities and regions under occupation. The authorities explained the cancellation of the benefit by the increase in the population's debt for electricity.

Increasing debt

The Ministry of Finance asked Yasno for data on the dynamics of debt growth since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. From the data for the beginning of 2024, it is clear that the largest debt was formed in the Dnipropetrovsk region – 1.5 billion UAH, second place goes to the city of Kiev with 1.1 million UAH, and then the Donetsk region with 963.8 million UAH.< /p>

If we talk about the dynamics of debt growth, then it is the most serious in the Donetsk region – 3.4 times over three years. It is followed by the city of Kyiv with a 2-fold increase and the Dnepropetrovsk region – 1.9 times.

The majority of the total debt for electricity is for debts over 3 months – UAH 1.496 billion (41.9% of the total) and for debts for 1 month – UAH 1.4556 billion (40.7%).

Yasno begins cutting off debtors: the amount of non-payment has reached 3.6 billion

Yasno management announced that it would begin turning off power to debtors on January 29, and today confirmed the start of the shutdowns, but promised to warn people in advance.

“A shutdown can only be made if the consumer is notified no later than 10 working days until the day of shutdown. The warning is provided to the consumer in a separate written notice, which indicates the basis, the amount of debt under the relevant agreement and the period during which this debt arose,” says Yasno’s commentary for the Ministry of Finance.

Kievskie Company Energy Services, operating under the Yasno brand, has not yet published results for 2023. But there is a report on economic activity for 2022. According to it, the enterprise provided 3,662,974 thousand kWh of electricity, of which 2,170,756 thousand kWh at free prices. It also provided 10,467 thousand m³ of natural gas to legal entities and 171 thousand m³ to household consumers.

The financial result of Kiev Energy Services LLC in 2022 amounted to 496.9 million UAH, and the net profit was 407. 5 million UAH.


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