• 12/04/2024 22:50

Zelensky proposes concluding a moral agreement with business

Vladimir Zelensky declares the need to agree on a modern moral agreement between society and business, between the state and business. Interfax-Ukraine reports this.

Zelensky proposes enter into a moral agreement with business

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“The entrepreneurial success of an individual should be part of public success and the overall strength of all of Ukraine . This is only possible provided that the business operates cleanly, in a white manner, pays taxes in Ukraine, tries to create decent jobs for citizens of Ukraine and does not work in Russia and does not help the war against Ukraine,” he said at the presentation of the “Made in” platform Ukraine” in Kiev on Monday.

The President emphasized that these are absolutely clear moral rules, and everyone who adheres to such rules should receive full assistance from the state and all institutions.

“Entrepreneurship reflects one of the best qualities of a person – the ability to organize life, the ability to organize relationships with others so that not only you, but also others are more protected, have a more reliable, pleasant life and feel more confident in their tomorrow,” Zelensky also noted .


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