• 03/03/2024 11:34

Why checkpoints actually appeared in Kyiv: the KGVA found their explanation

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This information was reported by the official telegram channel of KGVA, reports URA-Inform.

The head of the KGVA, Sergei Popko, emphasized that the above measures are aimed at protection in conditions of everyday war, where ensuring the security of Kiev and its residents is a priority.

Popko said that in conditions of threat, the need remains constantly improving the level of skills, interaction and combat effectiveness of all structures responsible for the defense of the capital.

He noted that holding exercises in various areas of the capital from December 25 to 28 is an important stage in this process.

< p>Popko concluded that threats to the city and its residents remain relevant, so systematic training is becoming an integral part of preparation. According to him, after the training it is necessary to conduct a routine analysis, identify shortcomings and correct errors so that the city is even better prepared for effective protection against threats from the Russian Federation.

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