• 21/02/2024 10:36

The “heart” of the Earth gives strange signals: scientists have deciphered them and understood what they mean

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The main question

A team of researchers from Wuhan University (China) proposed an interesting hypothesis: the inner core of our planet may be at an angle with respect to the mantle. They studied in detail these «oscillations of the inner core» and suggested that it is denser and heavier in the northwestern hemisphere, causing it to tilt 0.17 degrees relative to the Earth's mantle.

Expert opinion

Co-author of the study and dean of the Department of Geophysics at Wuhan University, Hao Ding, clarified that existing models suggest that the earth's core rotates along with the mantle around the same axis, which is due to a uniform density distribution in both layers. But new observations indicate heterogeneity in the density of the Earth's internal structures, which confirms their new theory.


The results obtained from natural vibrations of the Earth show that the density The features of the planet's depths are heterogeneous. The researchers believe that their new theory seems very realistic. This new concept assumes a potential slight deviation in the rotation of the Earth's inner core relative to the east by less than 1 degree, as well as some discrepancy between the axes of symmetry of different layers of the planet.

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